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Author Topic: Emod Books  (Read 2119 times)


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Emod Books
« on: 2008-06-28, 08:17:34 »

Sorry, didnt knew where to post this... anyway i kinda forgot how Emod manages the "Book" option,  and i dont really get this line of the instuction:

LINE4=The txt file for this
LINE5=is located in E-Mod1.8\Books
LINE6=The name of the txt must match
LINE7=The name of the book                         ????????
LINE9=These books can be seen by
LINE10=non-Emod users and they will
LINE11=even be able to see the text
LINE12=and hear the voice assigned.
LINE13=Though ya' have 15 lines'o text
LINE14=each line's limited to 30 chars

Ok, i get the part where you create a txt or modify an existing one in "Books" Folder inside Emod, but i dont get the part "txt must match the name of the Book", of what book? this means i have to edit the Not editor and add a new template for the new book .txt file? its been so long i really dont remember this, and the instruction seems a little unclear to create a new template or what book its reffering.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Emod Books
« Reply #1 on: 2008-06-28, 12:03:36 »

It means that the description of the book in the game has to match the file name without extension. So if you make a book with a description name of "Book of Nod" then you have to create a "Book of Nod.txt" file to go with it. If I remember right, you simply spawn the generic "book" template already in the game then you use the emod console commands to rename the book to match the file you created without extension (txt).
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