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Author Topic: Chas Dalton  (Read 1735 times)

Chas Dalton

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Chas Dalton
« on: 2008-06-03, 18:15:45 »

Hello everyone! For some strange reason all I could think about was playing this game again that was so enjoyable. I was around for a good amount of time, mainly rping. I ran around with KasKet, Mia and Vlad_Tepe (if those names ring any bells) I've recently been searching a bunch of forums to find out if we still have active users and whatnot. I'd really be interested in starting up again just to have some fun. The thing that all of us have in common is the love for this game, so why don't we try and give it a go?! Hopefully I'm not too late since I missed the "reunion" some years back.

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