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Author Topic: Azrael of the Rose  (Read 1881 times)

Azrael of the Rose

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Azrael of the Rose
« on: 2007-09-24, 15:37:49 »

Aka- Azrael il Toreador
      - Azrael Fatalis
      - Jak of Hearts

Real Name: Alex Pulido

This is gonna be rather short im afraid, as my affiliation with redemption is rather short. Shall i begin like David Copperfield; i was born, i grew up? or shall i begin when i was born into darkness, as i call it? thats really where we should start, don't you think?

As the youngest member at present (to my knowledge) in the Planetvampire community (just turned 17 on 9/14), my interest in VTM and my emergence onto the internet community on the large actually coincide. It all started when i was about 14, and it begins with a movie.

The movie was Interview with the Vampire, seen for the first time in a basement in the suburban mid-west. I was so taken with the movie that it quickly led me to a book, of the same name. After that, i was hooked on all things vampire.

Months later, the same friend who showed me the movie and gave me the book showed me a game, which was bloodlines. I was enamored with it from the moment i saw him playing (it was the Society of Leopold, the battle with Bach). I went out an bought the game on amazon within the month. i patched it with 1.2 and tore into it like i had everything else vampire. 

My first experience with internet forums came a few months later, on Planetvampire, which i found after a search to find mods for VTM after my first playthrough was done. I liked it there immediately. A little coterie of like-minded individuals brought together by the simple love of (what i was soon to learn) a excellent yet woefully unappreciated game from a developer gone the way of the dodo. Through there it was only a matter of time (about a year) before my hunger for vampire media brought me to buy redemption on amazon.

it took me a month to get it installed in my computer incompetence (installation issues, signothorn and javokis helped me through it, bless them) but when i was up and running i loved it. a bit more hack-n-slash dungeon-crawly than i liked, it had story and substance that i hadn't had in a game since bloodlines, and plus it has multi-player.

Any way cutting to the chase, i expanded my presence on various forums, here on e-mods and over on ww (which i haven't visited in ages; its too crowded) and things have been going swell.

my my that was rather what?
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