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Author Topic: Bloodywolf  (Read 1847 times)


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« on: 2007-09-22, 15:31:45 »

Nickname: Bloodywolf
Other: William Wolvenheart the bloody
Real name: Michel Michaux
origin: Belgium

Yarr, shiver me timbers I'm tha Wolf o' tha forums.
Lets see, theres not really much to say about me, I've been around, mostly at E-mods since around the time of E-mods 1.8 I think, one of the very first versions I beleave. I was introduced here by a person named "Frost" after roleplaying a bit with him in VTM:R. I bought that game around 2001. So I was already heavily intrested in the occult part of the game when I was 11 years old, I'm 17 and half now, that makes me kinda here since the beginning of my teenage life.

I used to be a betatester of the original E-mods, but I cannot remember where it all went wrong and I disappeared. Maybe because I was also playing Tribes 2 and it was tought getting a role playing game where you didn't require an extended knowledge of the world of darkness.

(Can you beleave it, 6,5 years playing the game, and all that I know about old WOD is mearly trough roleplays i've done, where I pick up the info and Redemption and bloodlines). I kinda never read one single blook other than the Malkavian Clanbook.

Yes, Malkavians IS my favorite clan, its diversity on each and every character, the goofyness some can produce is very amusing. I say some cause not all Malkavians are funny. Not that they are bad played, but mearly that maddness isn't always laughable. My current character, William and his dual personality Wolfenheart were made when I was kinda oblivious to what malkavians were, all I knew bout em were kinda all I saw in the games, goofy chars, the Dracula thing and the conflicts all began when I read the clanbook and saw what they truely were.

Back to myself.

I can't say I really done much for the comunity. The majority of my lifetime here, I was kinda immature and crap at pc's other then playing the actual game, atleast I think it was, people who knew me back then might say otherwise, can't recall.

I DID once produce the trailer of E-mods 1.9 once, if you ever saw it, those big typo's were made by me *grins*.

But hey, I stick around now and then, visiting planetvampire and this forums now and then, both under the name Bloodywolf.

People I look up to:

Rainmoon back in the days, now he's called Javokis: because he really did a lots for the community, he continued where other gave up.

Jhonny Depp, beeing one of the actorsd that can acual act almost everything asked, and enrich characters in his own brilliant way, and not ending up as another goofy actor in the local hollywood "actors caught drunk/jailed/naked during ***" types.

Christopher Reaves: Rest in peace, Superman in the movies, but an even greater one in real life.

People I look down apon:

Ehh... I play world of warcraft, MMORPG, A warlock, a so called overpowered class, we get whine that we are overpowered 24/7 on the official lock forums, mostly by people saying they got owned badly, but they forget to mention that they aren't that good with thier class, or the warlock spend a LOTS of time on gathering powerfull equipement, in other words, I hate forum Trolls :-p

Uwe Boll: Thanks for ruining game story's with your crappy Game => Movie conversions. Don't touch my Far Cry :-(

Jack thompson: Stop harrasing game companies, especcialy Take Two. The Games are supposedly bought by adults only, don't blame the creators that thier product falls into the wrong hands.

intrestst: Anime, RPG's, FPS, RTS

anything soon?
Yeah I'm gonne try to join that planet vampire thing thats going on atm, I'm not shure if I can use william without modifing it too much tho, it was made in a partially cannon like thing, so I prolly have to tune it a lots.
William - Bloodywolf - Me
Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Pride and Lust.
Which one shalt thou pick today?

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