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Author Topic: Skyra to Hollow's intro  (Read 1993 times)

Skyra to Hollow

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Skyra to Hollow's intro
« on: 2007-09-03, 12:07:07 »

I suppose I should finally get around to introducing myself.  I've been a member of the VTMR community since I bought the game in late 2000, and I've been around pretty much ever since.  In 2001 I took over as lead java programmer for the WoDMod and our last release was version 1.02 in October 2001.  After that I spent most of my time in ToR (Triangle of Roleplayers), which is still around in one way or another. 

In 2003 Jemym and I petitioned White Wolf about its then-upcoming game Bloodlines, but once we heard that Bloodlines would not have an SDK and would not be multiplayer, I pretty much withdrew from the modding scene altogether.  In 2004 Dan Van Crone asked me to help out as a moderator on his Dilapidation website, and in May of that year IGN invited me to attend E3 as a reporter for Bloodlines, in affiliation with PlanetVampire.  It was fun, but I didn't really learn anything that I didn't already know.  In October 2004 the game came out and Dan transplanted most of the Dilapidation community over to PlanetVampire.  In 2005 he asked me to take over for him as the site director, and I've been doing that ever since. 

In late 2006 the MMO was announced, but aside from a forum restructuring, it hasn't affected us all that much (yet).  Thanks to Javokis and a few others, we are able to use a new generation of mods and other tools to continue playing VTMR online.  As of this writing, we're on the brink of launching a new multiplayer chronicle, hosted by PlanetVampire.  Check it out here:

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