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Author Topic: Johnny_Black  (Read 1854 times)


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« on: 2007-08-16, 07:17:07 »

Another Oldie here

I remember anxiously waiting for the game.
Actualy.....i Bought my first PC entirely for that reason
Call me Goth at heart (cause i don't look it)

I finished the single player 2 times over before i joined WON
That was the first time i ever joined a online community
I didn't get into any of the moding but i sure liked the added skins and weapons
Also the new maps brought much more to the game.
My favorite skin was the Crow skin, it became my standerd (as Johnny Black)
I met some nice people on Vampire, and actualy i met my wife on there ;D (well...not my wife at the time but now she is)
After a while i started to work with the NODeditor, and would you believe i had a
hard time making NOBs. :o
I tossed the game for reasons of addiction and snapped the disks in half
Later when I moved to where my wife lived, we got a second PC and started our own RP on a LAN.
Soon we stared working with Milkshape, creating our own props, weapons and characters.
And now since maybe a month i have finaly taken up mapping.
It actualy has become one of my favorite hobbies.
And in the beginning i knew hardly anything about PC's
I know now more then i ever would have thought, though i still run into enoying problems here and there.

ah well....thats about it in a nutshell.
let me finish off with a funny joke my wife once heard on WON.

Q: How do you know that you play Vampire to much
A: When you find yourself in a clothing store looking at the tag of a t-shirt for the   
    bashing , lethal and aggravated stats

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