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Author Topic: Mirrors  (Read 1370 times)


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« on: 2007-07-24, 08:00:38 »


How do i make a surface reflect?


Select the brush you want, and hit "S".

Find the "reflect" option, and put a checkmark in it.

Also, I always make my mirrors 2 sided,
(don't know why, just do) so just put a checkmark beside "2 sided" as well.

That's it!


You're going to also want to add one of the transparency flags (33 or 66), or to make a fully reflective mirror, the nodraw flag.

-- Bug2U

Mirrors can be very sensitive creatures, unfortunately... They like to be all by themselves in a sector, and not have to reflect any other mirror images... Sometimes to make them work, you also need to play with some of the other surface flags... although tecnically you only need nodraw and reflect to make a mirror, at times I have also had to add one of the Trans(33 or 66) and the two-sided flag.

Another factor that seems to mess with the correct display of mirrors is the light on or around it.

Basically, try playing with it, change some of the things that I mentioned, and if it still won't work properly for you, then let me know...

-- Bug2U

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