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Author Topic: Make door open/close slower  (Read 1454 times)


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Make door open/close slower
« on: 2007-07-24, 07:57:02 »


Is there a way to slow down (or speed up) the rate at which a door opens and/or closes, without haveing to learn Java?? I have a 'door' (its actually water in a pool) that opens (drains) at the touch of a switch, but it opens (drains) REALLY fast. And it looks bad. My map must be as good as I can get it before I release it even for beta testing.


All of the various door scripts have a parameter that changes the movement speed of the door. The problem is, it is not the same name (e.g., some are called movement speed, some open time, etc.) or default value (e.g., some start at 150 and decrease to go slower, some start at 3 and increase to go slower, etc.) for each script. So, this does require some experimentation. I will tell you how to do it for the DoorSwitch script; if you use one of the other door scripts, you will have to extrapolate and change yours accordingly.

For the DoorSwitch, select the door and bring up the codex linker (Shift + C). Find the parameter named Movement Speed (it should be set at a default 150). Click once to highlight the 150, then again to edit it. Backspace and type in your new value; decrease to go slower, increase to go faster; then hit the enter key, then the apply button. Should do it.

-- Bug2U


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