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Author Topic: Makeing a map show in Multiplayer  (Read 1493 times)


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Makeing a map show in Multiplayer
« on: 2007-07-23, 14:45:31 »


I've created and exported a new map, and I would like to be able to pick it as an empty salon from the multi-player list in the game. How do I make my map available from the multi-player menu?


Here are instructions for creating a multiplayer selectable map using Vampire version 1.1. It is recommended that if you haven't already upgraded Vampire to at least this version then you should do so. It improves the ability to distribute mod's/maps/chronicles over 1.0 (In version 1.0 mods would have to modify some of the global files, which can cause problems when mixing mods). At the barest minimum you'll need 4 files: You'll need a .nil file (generated by Embrace from your .map file), a .nsd file (again, generated by Embrace, this is done automatically when you create the .nil), a .nls file, and a .nsc file. For a complete description of what these files are you should read the documentation in the Vampire SDK.

I'll be using Grimm Haven as an example as to how to do it, you can download this map from this site to see a working example.

The .nsc file can be named whatever you wish but must live in your Chronicles directory (eg: C:Program FilesVampire The Masquerade - RedemptionChroniclesMP_mychron.nsc). This file is a simple text file which is used to figure out which levels are in the chronicle and how they are linked together. The bare minimum you'll need for an empty salon is the following (using Grimm Haven's MP_Grimm_Haven.nsc as the example):

location GrimmHaven grim_haven_final.nil null null null 0x0060
reviveloc GrimmHaven 0
flags 0x7

The location command is used to describe an area to Vampire. The first field (GrimmHaven in this case) can be anything you wish, and is used later for other commands. The second argument is the name of the .nil file that is used for the location (grim_haven_final.nil). For an explanation of the other fields check the SDK documentation.

reviveloc is used to tell Vampire where characters should appear when they are revived. In this case they will appear in GrimmHaven (declared by the location command) at playerstart0.

check the SDK documenation for an explanation of flags.

Now for the .nls file. .nls files are "string" files. Basically they are used to take identifiers and assign a more user friendly name to them when a player sees them. The first character of the .nls file name should start with an '_' and needs to live in the strings directory. (eg: C:Program FilesVampire The Masquerade - RedemptionStrings\_mychron.nls). The "_" tells vampire that this is a global string file and should be loaded right away (not during a chronicle for example). We need it to be global so we can give our multiplayer map a nice name for when it gets displayed in the map selection area (instead of the filename of the .nsc file you made, which is what it would use if you didn't provide this file). Again here's an example from Grimm Haven (_grimm_haven.nls).

MP_Grimm_Haven Grimm Haven (Empty Salon)

MP_Grimm_Haven is the name of the .nsc file that you created, and "Grimm Haven (Empty Salon)" is the text that appears in the map selection while running the game.

Finally ensure that your .nil file is in Levels (eg: C:Program FilesVampire The Masquerade - RedemptionLevelsgrimm_haven_final.nil), and your .nsd file is in Scenes, (eg: C:Program FilesVampire The Masquerade - RedemptionScenesgrimm_haven_final.nsd) and your should now see your level selectable in multiplayer.


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