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Author Topic: Make a Door  (Read 1401 times)


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Make a Door
« on: 2007-07-23, 14:42:14 »


Doors (swing doors) do not work. I've followed daknel's tutoral, but no luck. Help!


Doors.....make a brush (whatever size you want the door to be), and put it where you want.

CSG subtract the door into the wall that it is in.

Then, while still selected, select Quick Doors, and select PivotDoor.

The brush will turn into a templatebrush, and a pathpoint will be created, move the pathpoint to the side of the door(exactly half in the "door" and half in the wall), and in the middle of the door.

With the pathpoint still selected, press N and make the yaw 90. The yaw is how much the door will swing open.

It should be a door now!


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