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Author Topic: Creating Sunlight Damage Area  (Read 1503 times)


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Creating Sunlight Damage Area
« on: 2007-07-23, 14:17:06 »


Ok, to make sunlight, you make regions, i can do that "i think" Just right click, make the red box region, ok, after i do that and place it how do I...

1. Apply a trigger_region template to them?

2. Place the RegionAnyDamage.class script and enter the appropriate parameters (ef_dmg_sun for sunlight damage)?

Thats all i ahve to do, but its screwing my mind up trying to figure out... Is there scripting? where do i learn to script? Is there already one somewhere, or is there no script really?

Ok, you got all the right steps, now here's how you execute them:

1. Right click in the 2D window and select region from the menu. Drag your region to length, width, and height of the area that you wish to cause sunlight damage.

2. With the region still selected, open the things&templates editor (N) and highlight the trigger_region template under global.not/regions. Make sure you click only once on the name. Then, hit the "apply template" button in the tabs above the tree view.

3. Now, go to the "overrides" tab and type RegionAnyDamage in the script box (note you do not need to add the .class extension) then hit the "apply script" button.

4. Now, with the region still selected, open the Codex Linker (Shift+C) [you may have to click once in the 2D window first] and then go to parameters. You will see an empty box under the value for damage. Click twice in this box (you will get the text cursor) and type ef_dmg_sun and then HIT ENTER. Then, hit the apply button and close the codex linker.

There you have it from a to z - hope this helps :)

-- Bug2U

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