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Author Topic: Exits  (Read 1690 times)


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« on: 2007-07-23, 14:12:03 »


How do I hook a door on one map to a door on another? Does the door have to be an Item? Thanks...


Select the brush you want to be the exit, then right click in the 2D window.
Select template_brush.

With your new template brush still selected, press N.

Go to overrides and click "Pick Script"
NOTE: This will only work if you have the java.class' unzipped
Find ClickExit.class, and click OK

Scroll down the Overrides and find Description ID.. Type whatever you want the door to lead to.

Now, see that tree to the left of the Template menu? Open up Global, Open up Misc. Then find Tracker_Thing.

then click "Apply Template"

Well..It is an exit now!!

Now..linking the exits...
Try taking a look at the question - "Linking Maps, Using ChronDir"


I just wanted to add that you can eliminate a few steps by simply creating your exit the same way that you would create a door (in other words, make the brush, subtract it, select it, right click and select quick doors, door) then delete the path corner (you don't need it for a click exit) and change the script in the overrides tab to ClickExit instead of Door. Just another way of skinning the same cat...

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