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  • 2019-07-17, 12:40:57
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 on: 2019-07-16, 16:47:44 
Started by ThatDarnOwl - Last post by ThatDarnOwl
I recently got interested in modding VtmR (I wanna make my own singleplayer chronicle) so I registered here.

I hope other people are still around, I noticed a few images broken here on the forum so I hope this place doesn't go down randomly like a lot of other fansites >.<

 on: 2019-07-02, 06:44:49 
Started by Javokis - Last post by MathewJosephs
Hehehe. Here's an old topic revived. Call me necro!

Here's a new image.

"There's nothing wrong with horses dicks, there's nothing wrong with sucking horses dicks." -Signo

Really what a quote. i can't stop laughing.

 on: 2019-06-14, 13:29:39 
Started by behar - Last post by trihell
Does anyone knows how to fix that graphic problem? :)
I use nvidia as graphics card

I had this problem too and it is the 32 bit thing. However, Neural Redemption, a recent mod that processes every texture, crashes if 32-bit depth is set (not sure why).

The simplest way I found to make them work together is to delete the menu.nui's that are affected included with this mod. The downside of this is that you'll lose your mouse permanently (and need to alt+f4) if you mouse over the black areas on either side on any deleted menu.

 on: 2019-06-13, 18:41:20 
Started by outlaw99 - Last post by trihell
Given 2017 was the last release, I'm not sure if this is still being worked on. However, I am corroborating the frenzy issue in the 2017 1.1 release. After fighting the wraith boss in josef's tunnels, Christof has 4 or 5 icons of "frenzied" that don't seem to go away. They also seem to only come into effect on game load or area load and then stop having an apparent effect if the frenzy doesn't find an initial target (might be wrong on that but that was the behavior I saw). I discovered that if I zone/load in and Christof, while acting on frenzy, drains someone dry, he loses one frenzied icon, but that's less than an ideal way to deal with it. 

I guess the available answer is to suicide him somewhere.

 on: 2019-04-11, 00:31:32 
Started by behar - Last post by Mort
Found out the reason for this one.  For some reason, even after setting the options and the masquerade.ini folder to 32-bit resolution, you still have to go into advanced options in game and set the game from 16 to 32 bit.  Very strange, but it seems like the game won't recognize your change until you do this.

 on: 2019-04-03, 19:22:25 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Phantom of the Vamp
Keep up the good work :)

 on: 2019-03-30, 06:05:34 
Started by EtaYorius - Last post by samspin
If you're still looking for this, I have a link referencing it here: Archive available here:
I hope this helps!

 on: 2019-01-20, 06:57:00 
Started by EtaYorius - Last post by Paloma
nicely put and well-informed

 on: 2018-11-26, 06:39:50 
Started by EtaYorius - Last post by Tomsenj123
Hi i know im new here and i dont know if this forum is still activ... But i would like to ask if someone could reupload the Gigapack! I cant find it anywhere. :)

 on: 2018-06-19, 14:52:25 
Started by Amarok - Last post by Amarok
I think this can be works with the MP UI as well, because I have seen similar GUI elements (chest + coffin) in MP.

I tested today the MP.
I modified the nui and the tga, but the MP has different endpoints, so it couldn't works at first.
I'm going to search and analyze the relevant MP code, based on the original mechanism.

How the mod works:
I searched the UI click event and original code-points (and call parameters) where the program initialize target GUI elements.
The bottom of the UI click event I added a call into my new function.
This function checks the clicked elements name and when it is similar that I coded into my code (and nui-file) it calls (with right parameters) the original GUI function.
So we can add new UI elements when we know the starting point where the original code calls the target GUI function (but of course it have to access and pass right parameters, player-structure, etc.)

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