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  • 2018-05-25, 19:31:22
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 on: 2018-02-25, 10:10:13 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Javokis
Likely. The storage is your inventory and nothing in the script can actually distinguish it. Likely best to turn off merging when using merged ammo in storage. Actually, lol... you can probably fire that ammo from in storage now that I think about it.


Yeah looked into any potential references I can use in script, but java api is actually quite limited in that only one command exists to check inventory in script and it pretty much counts the storage with no flags or booleans to condition check.

 on: 2018-02-25, 08:30:07 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Spamwebster
After telling the game to merge arrows, I've noticed something strange. After putting my arrows in storage, any new ones I pick up disappear. I suspect that they're adding themselves to the arrows in storage.

 on: 2018-02-14, 01:00:17 
Started by Question - Last post by Javokis
Not sure why you think it's maxed at 10% for aor. That is incorrect.  The chance is based specifically on perception stat and maxes at 100% for a perception of 100. The femur has higher damage potential and can have 100% proc in aor through perception. [edit] Looking at the vanilla, it's minimum damage in the script is actually its max so its range is actually more around 80 explicit because it looks like nihilistic did a mistake in the min/max calculations. While aor uses a range of 80-240. Also vanilla does use 33% base + damage so it can get a 100% proc based on user's strength [which increases damage potential and thus improves % chance]. I would also imagine that Potence enhances the femur's proc in vanilla too due to damage adjustments. AoR switched a number of scripted weapons proc chance to perception mainly because too many things rely on physical stats in the game as it is.

[edit again]

This actually gives me an idea. Perhaps the femur could be another item similar to the ankhurn blade, but instead of per hit, the femur builds up blood from kills. Then dispenses the blood as vampire vitae in the user's inventory. Could be a useful early item too till the ankhurn blade is found especially when blood could be difficult to obtain in early game and even more difficult if the player committed diablerie.

 on: 2018-02-13, 13:31:01 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Javokis
Here's another snip of info that is to be added to the readme as well:


This is a list of creatures of note that have been modified by Age of Redemption.

Wraiths - Wraiths are remnant souls of a vampire given final death. In Age of Redemption, these ghosts are intangible till they approach their target to strike. Thus ranged weapons are ineffective against them. Wraiths also have incredible soak against none ghostly attacks. There are two methods to approach a wraith; one is to use Summon Soul to attack a wraith with another wraith. Wraiths cannot soak any damage from the attacks of other wraiths. The second is to utilize a human artifact known as Martyr's Fire. This artifact is worn on the shield slot and thus only usable with one-handed weapons. Martyr's Fire allows its wielder to force the wraith into a tangible state and even undermines its incredible soak. The Martyr's Fire also prevents the wraiths from using their secondary ability that allows wraiths to teleport across the astro to ambush their victims and insight terror.

Werewolves - Werewolves are ferocious beasts that can even tear a vampire to sunder. Vampires typically fear werewolves with good reason, especially if they are to face a werewolf one on one. Not even the feral claws of a Gangrel can hope to bypass the werewolves supernatural resilience. Only a silver weapon can weaken a werewolves hardened husk and incredible regeneration if only for a short period. None the less, a vampire would rather stay at range to finish off their werewolf predator. Werewolves do aggravated damage with their claws and will even toss their victims around in melee. With the werewolves increased movement speed, it may be difficult to avoid keeping them beyond arm's length.

Hoppers - These homunculus servants are a product of Tremere Thaumaturgy Rituals. These creatures protect their masters by swarming their victims and draining their blood. It is best to keep a distance and never be swarmed by such fowl monstrosities especially when alone. They may be weak with limited health and soak, but their small size and speed make them difficult to target. Hoppers often attack in groups so keeping some molotovs or greek fire handy could help make quick work of them. Tremere can summon more hopper's through Beckoning discipline, which can only make things worse if already being swarmed by hoppers. When a beckoned hopper leeches to a victim, they will refill the blood pool of their Tremere masters.

Baby Spiders - These small spiders now have the ability to crawl on their victims and sting them with poison. Baby Spider nests have been modified to still produce a few baby spiders even if preemptively destroyed. Otherwise, getting too close to one of their nests will result in a larger swarm spawning from the nest.

 on: 2018-02-12, 13:40:51 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Javokis
I have forgotten to explain some extra features in AoR's readme so I'll post them here and make sure the readme is updated in future releases:

*[Vanilla] Damage Calculations

Restores the vanilla game's damage calculation rules - including some of its bugs. Age of Redemption has done several changes to how damage is calculated based on world of darkness pen and paper rules. Much of these rules have been applied to the vanilla game, but some bugs tend to occur around firearms. Vampires are supposed to take conventional firearm damage as normal damage type, which vampires can soak normal and lethal with their stamina. Firearms become even less effective since vampires take 50% damage from normal damage types. This makes incendiary rounds essential for fighting vampires with firearms. In vanilla, firearms rely on a specific flag setting that changes all damage types from bullets into normal/lethal. So in vanilla, there's a strange and random chance firearms will do lethal damage to vampires regardless of its damage type. Humans are supposed to take lethal damage from conventional firearm rounds regardless of whether it is set to normal damage type. In vanilla, humans are taking normal damage from firearms, which they soak with their stamina. Humans can only soak normal damage with stamina, but are supposed to take lethal damage from firearms. This is why it takes more shots just to kill a human on vanilla damage calculations. This is obviously a bug when you take in account the pen and paper rules.


Age of Redemption's damage calculations also implement bullet-proofing requirements for armor. In modern times, you will see certain armor have a bullet-proofing efficiency percentage. This percentage indicates the amount of soak that armor can absorb from bullets.Without bullet-proofing, your armor will not soak any bullet damage. You can enable the [Vanilla] Damage Calculations to restore normal armor functions to the game.

I have also forgot to put the new console command [stcmd toglog] into the readme. Here's the explanation of this console command:

[stcmd toglog]

Toggles Age of Redemption's script logging system. This system will log AI behavior, damage/soak calculations, and configuration settings applied to npcs. These three aspects are separated into three log files located in the VTMR>AoR\ directory and will log the last 200 events in the system to print to these files.

 on: 2018-02-12, 09:01:39 
Started by Question - Last post by Javokis
This was actually explained in the front page about damage being calculated for pnp - I guess not everyone knows what that means so I'll explain here. The let's play [during modern day chapters] covered the new bullet-proofing mechanic [which I did forget to put in the readme, but it was still showcased on the let's play]. Bullet-proofing is not really part of the pnp rule set and is unique to this addition of aor as a form of realism.

Armor now needs bullet-proofing to actually start soaking bullet damage - bullet-proofing is actually shown on the relevant armor. Otherwise, vampires will soak normal bullets with their stamina + soak enhancing disciplines [Like Fortitude]. Conventional rounds are also halved in damage against vampires, hence why fire type rounds are essential against vampires. Humans cannot soak bullet damage with stamina because they are human. Humans are weak compared to vampires and this is noted in the wod pnp rules. Humans [and all non-vampires] take bullet damage as lethal [like in pnp] and cannot soak with stamina [except for certain monsters like werewolves]. Some npcs have bullet-proofing, but those that don't cannot soak firearms with their armor as was noted in the log you posted above.

Bullet proofing is shown as a %. So that is the efficiency of the soak against bullets. If it says 50% then only 50% of the soak will absorb bullet damage. Tailored Armor has efficiency of 120% which makes it still the best armor in the game. This armor is expensive and is only available in New York chapter.

Oh and to get the toglog command to work in MP, you have to spawn the ST head. You go into ST mode then right-click at the ground. That will spawn the ST Head. Then you can type in stcmd commands from aor.


 on: 2018-02-12, 08:32:22 
Started by Question - Last post by Javokis
You seem to think that the public SDK is actually the developer's licensed tools. They are not the same. The public SDK is for modders and not the original developer's tools. This becomes even more evident when you try to use Embrace to edit Nihilistic's maps and get strange graphical artifacts and sector errors on certain maps you edit. The SDK is NOT the developer's licensed tools. The SDK is a public release of modified tools for modders. Not the same.


See image attachment about how compiler version is set for eclipse:

 on: 2018-02-12, 04:30:25 
Started by Question - Last post by Question
OK im trying out the toglog command now. I went into the setite temple and shot some setites with a rifle which (supposedly) does 110 damage.

41: Christof does 80 normal damage to Setite

This is nowhere close to 110...

42: Setite's armor cannot soak firearms.

So im guessing you made guns ignore all bashing soak values or something?

43: Setite soaks 42 normal damage from Christof

Where is this soak value coming from then? The Setite' sstamina? And you made Humans unable to soak damage from guns with their stamina right?

The toglog command doesnt appear to work in MP so i cant use the ST tools to check the enemy HP unfortunately.

The inconsistency with combat messages is probably because you are calculating damage from scripts or something. Which would explain why changing shotgun slugs to do 300 damage causes the messages to flip out...the game isnt using the projectile damage values to calculate damage anymore, but combat messages is, so its creating massive soak values out of nowhere so that the final damage is correct.

Still doesnt address the problem where buckshot is incapable of hurting non-humans though. Or even slugs being unable to hurt Setites.

It would have been a LOT easier if this info was in the readme...i checked the readme and changelog and i cant find any mention of this. People should not need to do this kind of testing to make guesses at how your mod works.

 on: 2018-02-12, 03:45:00 
Started by Question - Last post by Question
Did you even look at the screenshots...nothing in your readme or changelog mentions anything about ranged weapons doing half damage, etc and its a bit much to expect everyone to view all your videos from start to finish just to know what changes you have made.

You really should consider the possibility that some of these are bugs...and not features. Wraiths teleporting into walls every few seconds and breaking party AI is a feature? I highly doubt that.

Ranged weapons doing dramatically lower damage than intended is a vanilla issue, which I just confirmed. It's why throwing knives/shurikens have the weapon listed as 20 damage and the projectile itself does 50 damage.

Also figured out why NPCs take so long to fire shotguns...they use weap_shotgun which has a reload time of 4.5 seconds, whereas the player version has a reload time of 1.33 seconds.

That's two issues which are not features of your mod already.

 on: 2018-02-12, 03:31:06 
Started by Question - Last post by Question
Im trying to open some animation .nad files, but NodView simply cannot open anything. Yes, I am running with the command line parameters. Here's an example :

D:\Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption2\NodSDK>nodview -anim chrisattackshotgun.nad

NodView is in D:\Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption2\NodSDK. But no matter what I try to open, it complains the command line parameters are bad.

I tried moving the .nad and .nod files directly into the NodSDK folder, but it seems to make no difference.

The readme says to use "C:\Games\Vampire>NodSDK\nodview -model christof.nod" but that doesn't work either, it still complains about bad command line parameters.

What am I missing?

Im on win 7 64bit if it makes a difference.

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