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Title: Region Exits
Post by: Nagaraja on 2007-07-23, 14:33:29

How do I make a region exit... like the one that takes you from the Barclay South to Orsi's Penthouse when you enter the elevator?


Well I haven't found ANY tutorials on this, so I thought I'd submit one to the DFAQ.

1. First, to make a region exit, make a big cube, that goes below the floor and high enough for a person to walk through. This is the area, that if you walk in, will transport you to a different map. Right click on it in 2D mode and select 'region'.
2. Set the value in codex linker, if it's not your first exit on the map. Codex linker should be brought up by pressing shift and C. Remember value 0 is the first exit, not 1, so if this is your second exit set the value to 1.
3. Press n to bring up the thing editor. Go into global.not, and then regions, and select trigger_region_exit (trigger_region is the same but doesn't have RegionExit.class applied to it).

3.Make the chronicle file. The region exit is treated like any other... look to the numerous other tutorials for how to make a chronicle file (or just cheat and download chronicle director :)
Title: Re: Region Exits
Post by: Barnabas on 2010-03-26, 06:02:20
Hmm - I made a lot of Regionexits in the past. Unfortunally I canīt remember how I did it. I tried it today and it failed. I made the following: rightclick on map, chose "region", made the regionbrush. The I pressed N, chose "trigger_region_exit", applied it, placed the playerstarts and applied regionexit.class in the overrides for the brush. Then I wanted to set the exitnumber in the codexlinker, but when I opened the codexlinker, it said, that there is no script where I can chance any parameters.
I looked to my old regionexits. There I have a right exitnumber, but donīt know, where to set the exit number, because when I open the codex linker, it tells me the same as above for my old Regionexits. Does anyone hav an idea, what I did forget?

Hmm - I selected one of my "Doorexits" and opened the Codexlinker. There I do not have any parameters too. I noticed, that my normal doors do not open anymore ingame. Seems, that the whole codexlinker does not work anymor. I can add some scripts to a template, but canīt set any parameters to the codexlinker.....
Title: Re: Region Exits
Post by: Javokis on 2010-03-27, 01:27:24
Did you make sure you unzipped ALL Codex.nob content into the Codex folder? There are some exe files contained within Codex.nob that Embrace can only read in the Codex folder (like everything else java related). Just unzip the Codex.nob file then check the Codex folder and make sure all the class files (along with some exe files) are in there.
Title: Re: Region Exits
Post by: Barnabas on 2010-03-27, 03:03:36
Yeah - I unzipped the codexfolder when I started to map. I found the problem. I started a new project and had to unzip the codexfolder twice - one in the mainfolder and one in my Project folder. Really strange. Never had to unzip the codexfolder into my Projectfolder before....
Title: Re: Region Exits
Post by: Javokis on 2010-03-27, 11:43:24
Did you check your Project Settings? Maybe the Codex was checked for your project...
Title: Re: Region Exits
Post by: Barnabas on 2010-03-29, 11:56:16
Yeah - that was the problem. Sorry, Javo, that I disturb you with these simple problems - sometimes Iīm really confused.