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Title: Behold; The Void.
Post by: Azrael of the Rose on 2007-03-29, 19:51:41
in my dream, im standing in a room. The room resembles the main parlor/entry hall of the coven house in Underworld.

Its completly empty, but i can hear the voices of many people, as echos, like their coming from far away (think the malkavian voices). I stand in the center of hte room and i shout for the people "where are you?" and thjye just keep wispering. i start to run, down a hall and through a door, then down another hall. i turn around and i think i see something move through the hall behind me, so i start running after it. i run and i run and im always just behind it. finally i come to a slightly ajar door at the end of a hall. i call out and noone answers me, so i move towards the door, slowly, and i push it open.

but before i can see whats inside, my alarm woke me up. all i know is that whatever was in there scared me.

its strange, i had this dream the night after i compared PV forums to an empty hall with distant wispers echoing through it, on account of the broken 'online users' menu....

Title: Re: Behold; The Void.
Post by: Bloodywolf on 2007-04-02, 15:07:00
Aarg, how do you people remember all your dreams, ffs, the only ones I remember are fucking weird I can't even place them into tekst, not to mention remind them untill I reach my keyboard :-(