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Title: Texturing for the Nod Engine using The GIMP
Post by: Javokis on 2007-03-23, 22:50:22
Here are the steps.

-First download The GIMP from http://www.gimp.org/downloads/
-Install it and run it
-Now create your new image by going into File/New in the GIMP menu dock.

Be sure to note that Redemption only supports the following pixel sizes when you set your width and height:

8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512. As long as your picture's size is using these values for height and width then Redemption will allow them. Example: 64x128 or even 512x8 should work. Anything with those 7 values.

-Now fiddle around with the art tools. If you don't know what is what then check with The GIMP's home site.
-When you are finished go to File/Save As...
-Be sure to save the image as a Targe (.tga)

Well that's all there is to it. Your image should be saved at you desired location and ready to be applied to a model or a map in the Redemption game.
Title: Making Transparent Textures for Redemption using The GIMP
Post by: Javokis on 2007-03-23, 22:59:10
Here are the steps for making transparent textures for Redemption. The GIMP makes it quite easy.

-Now open up your image in The GIMP.
-Then go to Layer/Transparency/ColorToAlpha. Here's a pic:

-Now setup how much transpency you want the texture to have. Here's a pic:

-Now save your file as instructed in the first post and you should have a transparent texture ready for use.

Give it a try!
Title: Christof Cape Transparency
Post by: Javokis on 2007-03-24, 00:19:13
Here is a step by step tut on how to make Christof's chainmail upgrade have a transparent cape using The GIMP.

-First go into your main Vampire - Redemption folder located where ever you may have installed it.
-Find the Resources.nob file and open it with Winzip. Get winzip here: http://www.winzip.com/ if you don't have it.
-Instead of unzipping the whole dang thing just go to classic mode and let's find the specific file we want.
-The image that represents Christof's chainmail upgrade is called  Christof_Chain.tga located in 3d/Materials sub-folder of the Resources.nob file. Here's an image to help you:

-right-click  the file name and choose Extract.
-Extract the file into your main Vampire-Redemption game folder like so...

-A 3d folder should appear. Go into that folder and into the Materials folder to find the tga file.

-Be sure to remove the Read-only tag on the tga file or we wont be able to edit it.

-Now open the file with The GIMP then switch to the selection tool and let's select the cape.

-Like before lets go into the Color to Alpha option.

-Some images require you to fiddle with the Color Picker to be able to get a transparency.

-Now we can just save the image. Be sure to use Save as... the first time you save this file.

-If everything went right, you should get this result:

That's pretty much how it goes. I think The GIMP is quite a simple tool for this kind of stuff. It is a very complete program for something that is free.

Title: Re: Texturing Redemption using The GIMP
Post by: EtaYorius on 2007-03-24, 09:53:58
Awsome! i just got a tiny problem with gimp... what damn build i have to download? theres hell bunch of them... even the new builds are supposed to be dated to 2004... so what the hell... either way, when i downloaded gimp-2.3.14 i find no installer... heck theres no .exe file at all.. just a couple of .msc files which i cannot open or run at all... so... how do i install gimp?

!"#$%# Never mind... that gimp official site dosent have a working one... haha, i already found a site with a installer.
Title: Re: Texturing Redemption using The GIMP
Post by: Javokis on 2007-03-24, 10:24:52
Oh yeah... they do have link to the installer site though:


I changed the first post.
Title: Re: Texturing Redemption using The GIMP
Post by: Demortia on 2007-03-24, 13:20:19
Hello again, been a little while since I last dropped by.
The GIMP software looks very useful, I'll look into that myself as I still do much with Vamp ( although not recently, several projects are slowly taking shape and should appear sometime in the near future ).

If anyone will find this useful, I have gathered together a huge collection of textures  ( numbering 181 individual textures at a total size of roughly 34 megs - not including the current texture pack ) These textures range from concrete walls to all kinds of metallic walls, floors and cielings of many styles ( some are inspired by the ship Nostromo from the first Alien movie ). These were pulled from Alien versus Predator 2 with the intention of making a huge Dark Future mega texture pack for Vamp ( which would eventually weigh in at around 100 megs. )

I havent started to "nam" or prepare these new textures yet though ( but they are in TGA format ) but if anone would like a whole bunch a new textures for any projects throw me an email and I'll send them over :)
All the textures can be used in modern style maps alongside the existing textures already present, but having a wider range of textures should inspire new and fresh projects ( even if not for Vamp, then maybe another game that these textures can be converted to )

Bare in mind these were ripped from an existing game so I'm not sure if this will stir up any legalities ( but it shouldnt hurt for non-commercial projects )

Title: Re: Texturing Redemption using The GIMP
Post by: Javokis on 2007-03-24, 13:38:29
From what I have come to understand about conversions are that if the user owns BOTH games then it is perfectly legal. There was a discussion about converting Bloodlines maps over to Redemption and that came up. That should be true for the Bloodlines Mega Pack too.

Oh yeah and I found the NAM Tool again, which should make things real easy for people. Attached below:
Title: Re: Texturing Redemption using The GIMP
Post by: EtaYorius on 2007-03-25, 10:41:50
Can you add all these excelent Tuts on a zip or maybe change them to a Tutorials part in the forum? i dont want to miss any of these.

And yeah... its pretty legal to convert models and maps over to another game (least to me hahahahaha)
Title: Re: Texturing Redemption using The GIMP
Post by: Javokis on 2007-03-25, 11:16:08
I'll make a tutorial section when I feel I have enough tutorials to fill it. When I have a couple of more tutorials then I'll make a section.
Title: Re: Texturing Redemption using The GIMP
Post by: EtaYorius on 2009-05-24, 07:24:43
I manage to make a transparency texture, but for some reason it created also some strange colors arround the Icon.

Well i learned that before applying the transparency the black filler must be completely BLACK, refill with black before applying the transparency/alpha channel.