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Title: ::18+:: Renew the Earthly Pleasures, Part 1
Post by: Slayden on 2006-12-09, 08:15:43

Vienna, Austria 1786

   It had been 13 years since I wandered the earth alone, strengthening and establishing contacts and getting in touch with old friends. My self-imposed exile was from the 50 years I spent as one of the Sabbat, following Goratrix when he switched sides. But the aimless, wanton violence of the Sabbat disgusted me, however, and I left to pursue a life of solitude away from the Jyhad. At the end of my wandering, I decided to go back to my old brood of Camarilla Tremere for personal reasons, but I knew they wouldn't accept me so readily.

   4 years ago, I decided to end my 9-year exile and decided to use a powerful, addictive mind-influencing technique called Renew the Earthly Pleasures on Anastasia, a high-ranking member of my clan, to make her addicted to me. I learned this power long ago from a Settite to bring Elders under subjugation. The addictive effects are very much like the blood bond but it must be maintained to keep the thrall under control. But unlike the blood bond, the subject chooses to come back after initial exposure, like a drug. However, my plans to entrap her went awry, and she managed to channel some of the effects of my own power back into myself, affecting us both instead of just her. At the time, I chose to invoke lust, and with it affecting both of us, the results were very predictable. I reawakened passions not felt for centuries and we furiously ravaged each other with abandon. After that, I went to her and used the power on her a second time, but her resistance was weak. Needless to say, she insured me a place in the clan through her, strings attached however. She came to me again and again after that to writhe the the ecstasy I could provide, and sometimes -- I joined her.

   The effects of Renew the Earthly Pleasures left its marks in my mind. I found myself thinking about things that I shouldn't, things I can't. The Embrace strips away all trappings of humanity, including emotions such as lust, but this technique... I guess I underestimated its power. The times that Anastasia came to me for me to perform my "duties" to remain in the clan varied greatly depending on her desires. It ranged anywhere from weekly to over a year, but she always came back, not that it was anything to complain about. Still, I wondered who was more affected, me or her.

   My own yearning for pleasure became distracting. More than one of my rituals ran afoul because I wasn't paying attention, and like Anastasia, my desires had varying times that it would rear its head. Now here I sit in my Vienna haven, agitated. A nobleman by the name of Giulio Augusto is holding a ball tomorrow night, and all the decadence of Vienna will be attending. I need a ghoul...


   I sat at the piano and performed a beautiful piece by Motzart while surveying the guests. The local Kindred, as always, formed their groups to ratchet up their centuries old petty and depthless conspiracies in attempts to backstab each other. I become reminded of why I left in the first place. While I am good at politicking myself, I always used it as a means to an end. These loitering mollycoddles are just bored.

   Many of the attending guests acknowledged my playing abilities, but many more ignore me and pass my playing off as nothing more than background noise. I don't really care about that that much though, I am used to playing behind the scenes and prefer being an unknown.

   I decide to survey the guests and view their auras with Auspex to look for a kind young girl. I had grown somewhat annoyed with Anastasia's demanding and wanted a change: a ghoul who was more affectionate. Anastasia's attitude towards me was often exciting, but over time, I didn't appreciate her lording her position over me.

   After a quick scan, I spot someone. She has a light blue aura, meaning she is relaxed and at peace, defiantly a good sign, and her physical appearance is quite enticing. Those crystal blue eyes are a stark contrast against her lightly tanned skin and brown hair. Others talk to her but she doesn't respond much. She smiles often though. Hmm... I think I found my new-- servant? No, I want something else. I want a release from this distraction-- nooo... that still isn't it. What I really want... I want... pleasure. That's it. It is of no use trying to deceive myself otherwise. I look around at others again and compare them to her. No one comes close.

   I look back at the alluring girl. She looks in her late teens maybe early twenties. She has no ring on her left hand. Hmm... among the people speaking with her, one looks like an elderly man-- her father? Another man is younger and looks like he is in his twenties. He says something with his nose up in the air and begins laughing. Some of the others laugh too, but the girl is not one of them. She simply smiles, but her aura has changed to lavender. Reservation. The aristocracy can get very proud very easily. This man likely said something of an arrogant statement, and she wasn't impressed.

   I continue to play the piano, but I use Dual Thought to split my attention. While continuing to play the piano, I use Telepathy to find out more about the group. Telepathy comes in a stream-of-consciousness form, which means that reading minds is usually easier than understanding what is being read.

Girl: "...I cannot be with this man... my father... family... pride... money... please not him... father..."

Old Man: "...Felicita... wed Narciso perhaps? ... grand wedding... bright... the end... little... this wine... vintage 1774... son-in-law..."

Old Woman: "...she is so pretty... that dress... handsome... fine couple... mmm, hors d'œuvre... I like this music... we need to prepare..."

Young Man: "...my estate... this ball is tedious... the old man... my horses... my purse... I must secure..."

   From what I had been able to glean, the girl was named Felicita, the poser was Narciso, and that this was an arrangement. Her parents are presenting Felicita to Narciso for an arranged marriage. Felecita was also unimpressed with Narciso's comments, and didn't like is arrogance. Furthermore, I now have a general understanding of how each person thinks before I even meet them.

   Time to wrap up this song... La, da, da da da da, da da dummm.... OK I'm done. After telling the rest of the players to continue without me (I wasn't actually the scheduled pianist, I just wanted to show off my skill, pfft... big success), the other pianist took my place and continued into a new song.

   I speak to some of the Kindred to bide my time and wait until the little group I have my eye on begins to separate. The elderly couple apparently spotted someone they knew and eventually met with them, leaving the other two alone. Unsurprising. They probably want to remove themselves from them so that Narciso can work his "charm." Damn they really want to marry this girl off.

   I feel something... hunger... Ah, she is hungry. As the girl's hunger begins to surface to her mind, I meander around to the table where the hors d'œuvres are. A simple plan, but effective. Now all I have to do is wait for Felicita...

   A little time goes by... It looks like it's working. It's working... It's... no no not you. Khul. Narciso comes over from across the room. Ugh, I've got to get rid of this guy. As he weaves his way through the guests, I make sure he is out of Felicita's sight and intercept him. I stare him in the eyes and speak before he can react.

   "Leave. This ball is boring. Check your accounts to make sure no one has been stealing from you," I command firmly. I exit his presence and Narciso looks a little dazed for a moment. He then leaves immediately to fulfull my commands, not that he need much pushing. Felicita on the other hand, just stands there looking agitated, unaware of what happened. I make my move. I focus my vitae to give me more color and warmth then come around to the side and glide my way beside her, then into her view.

"Who would leave such a lovely young lady alone like this?" I almost coyly say in my deep voice.

"Oh. Hello..." she hesitates and smiles, "I..." her voice trails off as she looks around, but can't find Narciso. Her aura is mottled and shifting colors. Confused. "I... was with someone..." her voice trailed off again.

Now that she got that out of her system, I look deep into her eyes and very softly say, "Dance with meee..." My svelte, deep voice reverberated in her ears and my enamoring gaze captivates her.

I indulge this moment and take my time.

I enjoy being in her eyes as much as she is enraptured with me being there.

We become pillars of stone and silence falls. I make sure that our presence in the eyes of others is so small that we go unnoticed.

It is as though no one else is there and I take her hand. I ever so gently pull it and she slowly steps forward and follows me to the dance floor.

Senses marginally begin to return to both of us as I slide my arm around her small waist and lightly grip her side, never taking my eyes off her.

Our right hands are interlaced and the sense of sound returns, the music guiding our movements.

She steps back as I step forward. All our moves are in perfect sync.

Step. Step. Step-step-step.

Step. Step. Step-step-step.

Her hand so small and delicate. I feel like I could break it if I even twitch. As for my left hand...

I run my fingertips up and down her right side.

She cringes that side a little to shy away because she has no idea how to react to the new stimulus.

I don't let up. I lightly drum my fingers up and down, then slowly drag my fingertips from her hip to her breast.

"Ah- Hhhh..."

She exhales as though she likes it, but it is sudden and this is completely unfamiliar to her.

I bring my hand up, almost like I am hugging her with one arm, and run the top of my finger under the cup of her breast.

The way she twists her body is so visually stimulating, not to mention that she is twisting while pressed against me.

Felicita never breaks from my gaze but raises one of her hips in an erotic fashion trying to get a way from the new, unfamiliar sensations.

I feel my old desires well up and my rod pulses at the sight.

I persist my gentle teasing as we continue our dance.

We perform a few standard moves but I'm getting bored with them considering the circumstances.

Then I begin to change my dance to something more provocative. I roll her into my arm so we are facing the same direction and I lightly brush my smooth face against hers. I hold this position for a moment and lean back so she is firmly against my body as I run my left hand down her side to her thigh, then her inner leg and back up her stomach. I continue over her breasts, then across and above them, and down her other side to her other thigh.

I have fully enveloped her in my arms as I tip my pelvis up, pressing my bulge against her back.

She stiffens and I watch her neck turn pink.

Then I release her back into our original position, but this time, I press my hand against her back more firmly and bring her closer.

Her face is getting redder and her moves are becoming a little sloppy due to my distractions.

I press her soft, toned figure against my firm, built body. Her breasts are mashed right against my rib cage.

I feel her warm, spongy breasts and imagine how much softer they must be underneath all this clothing.

I move my hand down from her back to her butt.

Her eyes are wide. She flinches and gets up on her toes for a moment, but says nothing as I kindly smile.

I return to the dance and my saucy moves.

Then I dip her, but as I do so, I bring my leg up her dress and brush the inside of her upper leg.

She shakes at the stimulation.

I rock my leg up and down a little, from the top of her knee to the middle of her inner thigh.

As I bring her up, I keep my foot in place and my leg goes even higher.


She sharply inhales as the top of my leg has reached her spot, and now she is somewhat sitting on my leg, which is sandwiched between both of hers.

"Ah- h- h- h- h-"

Felicita lets out a breathy, erratic sigh as she slides down my leg a few centimeters.

She's getting warm there.

I don't remove my leg.

I begin to flex it and roll the muscle around in its spot.

"Er- h- h- ah- h- h-"

She makes a barely audible sound, but it is music to my ears.

Her breasts are still pushed right up against me and I feel myself getting poked by two protrusions.

Her lips turn a deep red and her face a light pink.

I never let her eyes part with mine.

She licks her rosy lips. Her every movement is so erotic to me.

I want that delicate mouth. I want those sensual lips.

I bite my tongue hard then kiss her, passing a few drops of my vitae into her in the process, then quickly heal.

But I linger.

"Mmm...! HMmmHmm...!"

She makes a muffled sound of surprise, but loses resistance little by little.

First I lightly licked the roof of her mouth and drew a line to her teeth.

Then I licked the back of her teeth on one side of her mouth and traced along her gums to the other side.

I lick and teased her lips before entwining my tongue around hers.

I stroke the side of her tongue with the tip of mine then I tickle her gums again.

Our mouths are wide open and our lips inseparable. I have those soft, erotic lips. I have them all to myself.

As I kiss her, I lightly run my fingers up and down her back. It sends chills down her spine.

She loosenes more over time, surrendering herself to me as I take greater and greater control of her, but I am as gentle as ever.

My tongue is swimming in her mouth. I start to think I know hers better than my own...

After tantalizing her for a while, I trace her lips again and flick the tip of her tongue with my own. It tickles.

I slowly retract my tongue but keep up the tongue action, leading her tongue into my own mouth.

Once her tongue is inside, I suck on it.

Her eyes roll up.

I trace my tongue underneath hers and lick up to the tip, then make my way over and slide down top of hers so she is under mine.

I twist my tongue and pull back on top of her.

I just flounder my tongue on top of hers for a moment while sucking on it.

She runs her fingers through my hair and her other hand is rubbing up and down my back.

She's not an experienced kisser. This I knew. So I decide to help her.

I slide my tongue under hers and push it up to the back of my teeth, being careful to avoid my fangs.

Then I push my tongue forward, pushing her out and between my lips and teeth. She understands what I am doing as I guide her every movement.

She follows the tip of my tongue with hers and traces around my lips.

Then I guide her back into my mouth and lead her tongue to the roof and let her feel every ridge, every ripple on the roof of my mouth and she begins to slow down. Her tongue is getting tired.

Still guiding the tip of her her tongue with the tip of my own, I lightly push and return to the comfort of her mouth.

It becomes much easier for her to move again and she curls her tongue with mine. She's getting better.

Then she immediately begins sucking on my tongue all at once as if she just remembered. Still, it feels great.

I "exhale" my approval and I feel her beginning to smile.

I press on her firm rump and curl my fingers, getting a hand full.

She reacts by turning her hips up closer to me. I think she's trying to get away from something so unfamiliar, but she has really left herself open now.

In turning her hips up, she also tips her pelvis up, and I take the opportunity.

I never removed my leg from between hers, so I press on her butt again and grind her against my leg.

I pull up, then push down. Pull up, push down. I slowly repeat this so that she is rubbing against my leg through the clothing. I feel tremors through her body. The individual breaths from her nose becomes quicker and I feel the warm air against my face.

Then I surprise her again in the lip lock.

I make an imaginary circle with the tip of my tongue and trace from behind her teeth to the back of her mouth, going deep, then dragging the bottom of my tongue on top of hers. I repeat. And repeat again. And again.

Finally, I wrap my tongue around hers then open my mouth and very slowly pull away, our tongues dragging against each other as we parted.

I realize now that I am leaning over her and she has one leg over my hip.

Her breathing is hard and erratic from her body's shaking.

Then she calms down a bit but her breathing is still hard.

Her face and lips are beet-red, but I don't think she cares about anything like that right now though.

A sweet aroma permeates the air.

Her eyes are half-closed, but it is apparent that she is concentrating on me intently.

She is giving me that "look."

I bring her close again and there isn't the slightest resistance from her. I slowly, seductively whisper to her, "Felicita..." and she melts, almost collapses, in my arms. "Yes..." she replied in a breathy voice. Her vision becomes foggy as I release her and gradually back away into the crowd, as though I was an illusion. "I shall see you again... tomorrow..." I say in a sweet, whispering voice.
Title: Re: ::18+:: Renew the Earthly Pleasures, Part 1
Post by: Slayden on 2006-12-09, 08:18:18
It's soft erotica this time. Next time will be more hardcore but just as detailed. Go ahead and leave a comment here if you want. I'll be starting a new thread for each new part in the series.
Title: Re: ::18+:: Renew the Earthly Pleasures, Part 1
Post by: Azrael of the Rose on 2006-12-09, 14:02:57
mmm....not exactly a probable scenario (most women arent THAT easy and you were in a public place...), and ill admit you did take me out of it a bit with all the technical stuff on your powers in the begining...but i liked it. the actual writing was good, the only disjunctions for me were when you would use blatent words like ass or cock. definatly eroitic, i got what is know as a "half stalk" reading it, so thats a point in your favor. good work, for a historian... ;D
Title: Re: ::18+:: Renew the Earthly Pleasures, Part 1
Post by: Slayden on 2006-12-09, 14:20:14
I was wondering if I should have used the blatant words. It's still early enough for me to replace them, so I did. I was also using a lot of Presence (like Awe or Entrancement). I was going to do more courting, which is why it took me so long to write it, but this is an erotic story, not a chronicle. I also use a low level Obfuscate to mask our presence (my Obfuscate isn't that good which is one reason why I keep pressing her against me).
I make sure that our presence in the eyes of others is so small that we go unnoticed.
Title: Re: ::18+:: Renew the Earthly Pleasures, Part 1
Post by: Slayden on 2006-12-09, 14:36:19
definatly eroitic, i got what is know as a "half stalk" reading it, so thats a point in your favor. good work, for a historian... ;D

It's soft erotica. That was my aim. ;) Wait till you read the next one...
Title: Re: ::18+:: Renew the Earthly Pleasures, Part 1
Post by: Azrael of the Rose on 2006-12-09, 16:07:52
also, and i said this on pv too, vienna is a city in austria ( the capital i believe?) and in 1786 the italian states hadnt formed into a nation yet.
Title: Re: ::18+:: Renew the Earthly Pleasures, Part 1
Post by: Slayden on 2006-12-10, 02:38:39
Yeah I was thinking Florence for the longest time but I decided to go with Vienna at the last minute because of Anastasia and forgot to update the country.
Title: Re: ::18+:: Renew the Earthly Pleasures, Part 1
Post by: Bloodywolf on 2006-12-13, 10:08:22
For some reason I keep getting to see that Picture on the top. Must be famus by now in the WOD-community :-p

Nicely written.