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Author Topic: A girl from my dreams  (Read 2517 times)


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A girl from my dreams
« on: 2006-06-10, 10:43:19 »

This is another old one for which a barely remember in detail. I was around 5-6 years old.

It was about a girl that was being taken from me to a far away place. She was giving up her life to a witch so that she'll become immortal. There were places familiar to me in this dream. I remember that she had blue eyes and brown hair.

There was a pretty white tree in a forest where she parted ways. I was trying to convince her not to go saying that she would give up all those birthdays she liked, but she left anyways... hmm.

It made a big impact on me. To this day I still think about it. It's been so long maybe the details will come back to me if i just keep this ticker here...
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