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Author Topic: I Soldier  (Read 2113 times)


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I Soldier
« on: 2006-06-10, 10:48:49 »

I was a soldier who commands a small military squad escorting a group of refugees through enemy territory. We were heading towards a huge unearthly canyon ridge where we could cross a massive armored bridge that connected the ridge, leading to allied territory. The problem is that the enemy controls the bridge.

I don't remember who was all in my squad or among the refugees, but there was one person that stood out above the rest. She was just a little girl around 5 or 6 years old, wearing a white dress. I felt very concerned for her safety. She was the type that liked to wander about towards whatever trouble she could find. We found ourselves having to look for this little girl several times in a panic.

At mid-daylight, on a cloudy winter day, my squad along with the refugees ended up in a town before the massive bridge that crossed the 5-mile long canyon ridge. The town appears to be filled with souvenir shops and convenience stores that were meant to attract tourist to the bridge. We took refuge in one of the convenience stores that had a real wooden motorboat hanging from its 2-story tall ceiling.

We hid in the convenience store till nightfall then we prepared for a raid upon the bridge. The bridge and town area was all protected by some kind of energy field that was repelling a massive snowstorm beyond. Our plan was to shut down a portion of the field around the bridge so that the massive winds from the snowstorm can bombard the bridge, hopefully causing the occupying troops to be blown off.

The plan was carried out from preparation. When one of my men sabotaged the energy field protecting the bridge, I saw a massive wave of snow come piling through the canyon ridge, hitting the armored bridge hard, but it held well. Most of enemy troops were blown off of the bridge by the extreme winds. It was surreal and awesome.

I gave the order to reactivate the field. The massive armored bridge was covered in snow, leaving only four enemy soldiers left upon it. I had a sniper ready to take them out, but something unforeseen occurred. We didn’t notice that the bridge had emergency hatches that allowed occupants to hide within the bridge itself. So as my sniper readied his rifle, the hatches started popping open then out came enemy reinforcements.

As soon as we knew it, we were being overwhelmed and fired upon. I ended up giving the order to retreat down the ridge’s sub-crossing. There was another alternate route across the ridge that was going to be longer, but we had no choice then to cross it. There was no way we were going to outrun the enemy soldiers with the refugees we had so we needed to make sure we couldn’t be followed so we blew up a nearby damn that caused flood waters to run through the old town. The pursuing enemy troops ended up being thrown from the cliffs by the rushing waters and we along with the refugees got away.

There was only one person missing; the little girl!

I was distraught for the rest of our journey across the border. I remember very little of how we gone across, but we eventually made it to allied territory. To my surprise, we heard that a little girl from our party was found in a little wooden motorboat out in the ocean by allied naval ships. She was all right! The girl I was so concerned about was spending her time in a nice little wooden motorboat, filling herself up with candy she had taken from the convenience store, while we had to trot through a dangerous canyon ridge with very little food and water.

In the end we just started laughing.
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Re: I Soldier
« Reply #1 on: 2006-06-10, 17:47:44 »

A cool story. Reminds me of video games.

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