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Author Topic: The Underground Industry  (Read 2114 times)


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The Underground Industry
« on: 2006-06-10, 10:46:32 »

This dream started out fairly mundane.

I was walking around the sidewalks over the bridges of freeways trying to find my way to someplace familiar, but I wasn't able to find my way. I didn't really care where I was trying to go in that I recall enjoying the journey rather than worrying about the destination.

I was with a few friends. One of them had a well trimmed beard and wore a white shirt while the other was a girl around my age. I don't remember much of what she looked like, but she was pretty. I felt like they were family to me though I don't recognize them. We were trying to cross the street from the left side of the road to the right of a dangerous road way using a shopping cart after crossing the bridge over the freeway. On the other side of the street was another sidewalk with a grassy naul beyond it. Beyond that was a below level off-ramp several feet down surrounded by concrete walls.

We came in hot with the shopping cart that was about to ram right into the curve of the sidewalk. We jumped off just in time as the cart flew into a stack of other carts that were piled up on the grass right before the drop going into the below level off-ramp.

The sidewalk veird off towards the right where it becomes a bridge over the below level off-ramp. On the other side of the bridge the off-ramp's wall's height reaches to the level of a one-story building above the side walk. It takes up the sidewalks right side as it connects to it on the other side of the bridge.

After awhile we come to a part of the wall that veirs off around a very small park for a short distance then reconnects with the side walk on the other side. We desided to check out the park for a bit.

I don't recall seeing anything interesting about it. There was a lot of bees in the area. They were coming from the garbage dump in that little park. It wasn't a very attractive park. There was no grass, only gravel. As I recall there was no play centers either... well maybe one, but I don't remember what it looked like.

I remember there was a metal door in the concrete wall. We all desided to check it out even though its only for state workers. We would soon find ourselves in a quite a bind...

It led to a vast tunnel of intricate piping deep underground. The tunnel wasn't cylinder shaped, it was cubical and very large. The width matched the height that was at least 2-3 stories high. The length of the square tunnel stretched far.

There was lighting, but most of it touched the ceiling and the walls, but rarely touched the floors. It was all intricately thrown together yet in utter disarray. Countless rusted pipes and old rusty metal slaps made up these strange square tunnels. It was kind of spooky.

There were many cross sections that made this tunneling like one big ackward maze. We explored much, but much of it couldn't be explored. Some of the tunnels were blocked by massive security doors. One of those doors had a surprise waiting for us.

We were at a section of the tunnel that came to a garage size doorway with a small person size door next to it. The tunnel around it was fairly solid concrete with no rusted pipes or slaps of the sort. There was a ramp going from the level ground of the tunner\'s floor up to the garage door that was slightly elevated. On the left side of it the ramp connected to the smaller person size door, but one-third of it was sectioned off at the right side. It was where a third door was located on the other side of the garage door at a lower level so the ground split away towards that.

Moving on with the story at this point as we walked up the ramp several agents popped out of the small doors. Some of them caught us from behind coming out of the small door at the lower right level while the rest came out of the other door at the ramp's left side.

They had guns drawn telling us to 'Get down!' So we went down with our hands locked behind our head. The others were taking away while I was left behind. I heard a voice on the intercom telling me I may pass then the garage size door opens up...

I take to my feet to start walking towards it. I felt a curious sensation as to what was beyond. This was when things become weird.

Beyond the door is more decayed pipes and slaps making up the square tunnels again. There was railed platforms connected to each side of the tunnel. Metal grated stairways led to these metal grated platforms. There was much more piping around these tunnels. It was like being on an oil rig.

There was something else in these tunnels beyond the garage door. Strange creatures walk these tunnels. They are like nothing I have ever seen before. I knew I was in some kind of industry, but had to explore more to find out what kind it was.

When I looked in the distance down the tunnel I noticed one of the creatures were charging towards me at a distance. I ran out in fear as it chased me. This was when it became rather sereal sense I think I was kind of flying at this point back to the entrance where my friends were waiting for me. I realized that during this escape the girl appeared with me. I think she helped me fly away from the persuing monster.

When I finally reached the entrance where my friend was I looked back to find the creature that was chasing my had changed into a man who just looks at me as he walks by and leaves... I'm like, 'What was that?'

So I desided to go back to the garage door to check it out. It was still opened so I walked back through. There was more monsters there, but I couldn't tell what was real. I desided to explore more of that tunnel beyond the garage door.

I walked around evading the monsters that stalked me till I came to a massive well-lit industrial room filled with several large containers of strange liquid. There was one circular track on the ceiling with chains connected to it that connected to large metal objects of unusual shapes being dipped into the containers of liquid.

I found myself being chased by more strange creatures. They must have spotted my presence so I jumped onto the objects that ran on chained tracks. I looked behind to and say the creatures staring at me as I was tracked away from them. When I turned back around to look forward I noticed the objects were about to be dipped into the strange liquid so I swung to the side to a ledge of some kind and started running along the ledge as I held on to the tracked object. It was all very strange.

When the track approached the other side I noticed a strange container holding the same creature that chased me off earlier. When the track moved around back to the other side I found myself back in the square tunnels of rusted pipes, grates, and slaps.

I met up with the girl again as a major power outage occured. That's the only time it became scary. We were blocked off in a section unfamilar to me. The only lighting was an ominous blue coming from somewhere. Through the pipes and such I could almost see out side. It was sereal, we were over a lake of some kind where the only lightning came from the moon through the piping. I can see the water through the grates of the floor.

This was weird.

Behind us something opproached. This was the only time I felt fear or was it nervousness. It was a humanois type creature that walked right up to us out of the darkness then it turned to the left of us and walked away. As he moved aside we noticed something on the ground beyond. It was moving in the darkness so I put on some infrared goggles to see what it is.

It was some kind of blob like creature with several mouths on it and it was covering the floors ahead. We could not dare to pass it and that's when I woke up.

Very strange, yet all so vivid and colorful in spots. I think it was a monster making factory.
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