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Author Topic: Where's my book?  (Read 2181 times)


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Where's my book?
« on: 2006-06-10, 10:45:00 »

It started out again where I was trying to go somewhere and again I ended up wondering around mindlessly not knowing what the hell I'm doing. I felt impatient in this dream. I was driving down a hill off the freeway towards the farry docks trying to catch a farry, but ended up missing it. I didn't want to wait forever so I turned around and drove off.

I noticed that the water slightly flooded some of the roads, but it was nothing an average car can't drive through. Next thing I know I was at a small town section that meets with a curving road surrounded by nice grass and pretty green forests. I was trying to walk across the road from the store side to a school side, but traffic was horrible for awhile and some of those cars were flying at light speed on that road.

I had to wait a while before the traffic passed sense there was no cross light around there for some reason. After awhile it became clear enough to pass. I didn't want to take any chances so I ran across.

That\'s when I noticed something familar to me on the other side of the road. It was a 3 story apartment complex on a grassy hill. The hill side grass lawn was mowed nice and neatly like the rest of the lawn. The whole time I felt like I found what I was searching for.

I walked up to the lounge building where I ended up in a library on the second floor i think it was. I think I had this dream long ago I thought and in that previous dream I read a book that was like a dictionary, but had words unfamilar to me. Now that I'm awake I don't remember having such a dream and if I did I don't remember it, but this dream seems to be trying to remind of an older dream.

Either way I wanted to find that book again so I can look up those words again. I asked the librarian who was a pretty young female wearing a black suit where my book is. She said it\'s on shelf 42. I asked where that is and she said she can't tell me. I'm like....'Ok'

So I had to figure out where shelf 42 is, but I know this is a dream so how the hell am I supposed to read these things. Now that I think of it how in the world was able to read a book in a dream in the first place? I don't recall successfully doing such a thing in fact the rule behind dreams is that you CAN'T read a book in a dream without it making complete nonsense.

But I continued to look for it though some words I can read, but can't remember what I read. I was walking towards an office when I saw on a counter top some kind of white music box. Actually I recall hearing music throughout the whole library, it must have came from this box. I looked at it to see that there were the words 'Uh Oh' on it that changed to 'Uh Uh' when I walked closer.

I saw a receptionist sitting at a desk next to the office. I recall telling her about how I found the box interesting. It wasn't playing typical music box music it was playing some kind of folk music that had a solo guitar (non-electric) with a male voice singing. It was relaxing as I recall.

I then asked her where my book is. She said it's in the Nazi section.

That was chilling... 'My book in Nazi section?' I don't recall asking why, but I did notice that the library was in disarray. None of the books were where they should be so I didn't read too much into that.

I was able to find the Nazi section. In the minst of it I found a book very much so out of place. I clearly noticed it was the Holy Bible. It wasn't the book I was looking for so I just left it there.

Around the corner I saw several books on wheeled shelf carts. There was some pretty thick books in there. I could tell that they were all horror books by the look of their covers. I don't remember any of their names or the names of the authors written upon them. I was only trying to find my book.

As I recall I don't even remember what my book looked like. In fact I didn't even give its name when I asked the workers where it is. How would they know what I'm looking for? I guess I've been here before yet don't recall.

The young librarian came up to me again and I asked her again where my book is and she replied again with 'It's on shelf 42'. At this point I'm getting flusterated, but I'm being nice to people even though I walking around the library like some idiot trying to find shelf 42.

I eventually just gave up and that's when I woke up.

I was thinking that maybe the book I'm looking for is the one I want to write about Sitonna. I recall Frost and I talking about how the book should be written and he recommends I write it like the Holy Bible. Maybe that was the book I was looking for and didn't know.... hmm. Strange.
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