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E-Mod 1.8 Readme - Kindred

Kindred Kisses

Recommended Stats: Strength, Stamina, Manipulation, and Appearance


This is the process of draining a vampire's blood using one of the Kindred Kisses. Any of them can cause Diablerie, which will grant you the drained vampire's abilities and lower your generation, resulting in more blood, disciplines, and experience. Diablerie has the chances of permanently loosing some points of wits and intelligence along with your humanity. It is highly recommended that the diableries have high wits and intelligence.

Subject Resistance

Now you have the option of resisting the feed. An icon appears on your character whenever a vampire feeds from. It has the symbol of a blood drop and if you right click it a contest of your strength vs. the vampires strength + skill is made. If you succeed you will throw the vampire off of you. If you fail there is a chance that you can resist again once the symbol appears again. Sometimes it don't and sometimes it does. Fate shall decide...

Bestow Blood

Description: This will drain your blood at your current location. Any vampire that's in torpor will be given blood by this ability. The amount of blood your drain depends on your dot level in this ability.

Kiss of Darkness

Description: The basic feed. Drains blood from your victim for as long as you can keep hold of them. When their blood gets to low they will start taking damage over time as well.

Kiss of Lust

Description: This can only be used on a member of the opposite sex. They will not be able to resist you like the other Kisses. When you stop feeding there is a chance that the victim will become seduced by you and follow you around. This will happen if the victim failed a contest of the victim's intelligence vs. feeder's appearance.

Kiss of Enslavement

Description: If you win a contest of the victim's intelligence vs. feeder's manipulation the subject will become under the enslavement effect. Check the Enslave Spell for more info.

Kiss of Life

Description: This will drain the victims hit points as well as their blood. The amount of hit points drained per second is based on your skill level.

Kiss of Death

Description: This will allow you to drain from the dead. A very rare and frowned upon practice, but is used by desperate vampires. During times of war and considerable death many Vampires who were forced out of their havens and in the middle of ruin had to make use of this Kindred Kiss, but few rarely liked it.

Kiss of Rebirth

Description: Not many wish to use this power do to the risks that come with increased numbers. Vampires prefer to go un-noticed and are usually very strict about the use of this kiss. Most vampires will not grant this to just anyone. Some rare vampires take an interest in an individual at birth and act as their mentor in the shadows until the time they feel is right for the subject to be reborn. To use this the subject has to be Human. It will make things much easier for you if the subject was also on the same team as you. This will make it so they will not resist the Kiss. After you have drained over 3/4th their blood the feeding will stop then the subject will turn around and feed from you. They must drain at least 30 blood points for the Rebirth to work. Once that is finished they will be given knowledge kind of similar to how Diablerie works, but the only risks are to the subject's humanity. If they are reborn by a very powerful vampire that has considerable knowledge this could increase the amount of trauma the subject experiences during the rebirth process, causing further humanity loss.

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