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E-Mod 1.8 Readme - Divine


The almighty powers of Divine can bring overwhelming devastation to the unholy creatures that stalk the night. Only humans can use these divine powers. All costs are done with mana only. When mana is depleted your strength will be consumed instead. If strength reaches 0 you will fall unconscious for about 30 seconds. No real risk unless you're in combat, then you have a problem. NOTE: There is no upkeep costs required all effects last until canceled by caster. (Newest Build 5 addition)

Divine Life

Description: This power will emit a powerful healing aura that can even revive the dead at higher skill levels. Only humans will benefit from this power.

Divine Blood

Description: Any vampire that attempts to feed from you shall suffer holy damage by an amount you put into it. Cast this multiple times to increase its power and watch as those who dare feed from you suffer horribly.

Divine Enchantment

Description: This will enchant an item with holy. The attempt will cost you 10, but a success will cost you 300 - (20 per Skill Level). A critical failure will destroy the item you wanted to enchant at the high success cost. A critical success halves the cost.

Divine Presence

Description: When activated it will emit a powerful holy aura that will damage nearby vampires. NOTE: Some clans are immune to holy (Check the clan GP stats for more information).

Divine Protection

Description: The greatest defense a human can ever use against vampires. When activated it will absorb damage that a vampire attempts to do to you by 20% per skill level as well as keeps a vampire from feeding off of you. So at skill level 5 (100%) this will make you invincible, but only against attacks by vampires. This does not protect you against other humans.

Divine Right

Description: If you are being slaughtered by vampires you mind as well use this as your last act. It will kill up to a maximum number of nearby vampires equal to your skill level. Great for when your with other human party members who have resurrection spell. Just move in and let them kill you then let your healer sort out the damages. :D

Divine Redemption

Description: This will restore a fully humane (100 humanity) vampire back into a human. This comes at a hefty 300 - (20 per Skill Level) in mana cost. This gives off quite a show too I think.

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