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Wodal Readme

The World of Darkness Arbitrary Language v0.4a

Quick Summary

Wodal is a Wod Pen and Paper style mod much like the original Wod Mod, but with a bit more of a learning curve. Wodal aims to go further than the Wod Mod by creating a totally converted environment designed to allow for true pen and paper stats, more functionality, and support for both single player and multiplayer. Wodal currently contains AI enhancements for enemies and party members, several pnp converted disciplines, and a combat system true to the Wod. *Includes NPC Overhaul and Advanced Progression*

For more info, read below.


The original goal of Wodal was to create an environment that allows for quick and easy scripting of pnp disciplines; essensially allowing for a work around to java for end-users. Using the character sheet structure of Wodal along with Wodal's programming language, the ST would be able to control what disciplines a player has and how those disciplines should work. Since 0.4a, Wodal has added additional environment event tracking that allows for NPC conversations, AI programming, and combat rules.

The first 3 releases had no content at all. Only the character sheet structure and the ability to add new disciplines were what made the mod. The intent was to have the community add the content to the mod and contribute that content to the Wodal Repository. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to write up proper documentation and tutorials between development so contributions have been few. Hopefully, that issue will be corrected through the video tutorials and full documentation being added to

Vampire the Masquerade - Disciplines

Below is a list of disciplines currently in 0.4a:

Character Creation


The most profound and critical part of using Wodal is understanding how to create a Wodal character sheet. The in-game stats and disciplines are all a reflection of what is in the Wodal character sheet. Without a Wodal character sheet, the player has no disciplines, skills, or abilities. Since everything in Wodal is controlled by the character sheet, the original sense of progression no longer exists. The player no longer spends points on disciplines or stats in game. Instead, players modify their character sheet or script an event to modify their character sheet to alter stats and add new disciplines.

How to Make The Character Sheet

The character sheet is simply a text (.txt) file with a name matching the name of the character in-game. For players, the text file needs to be saved within the *VTMR*\Wodal\Scripts\Characters\Players\ directory. So if you make a character named Javokis, that in-game character will load up the Javokis.txt file located in the *VTMR*\Wodal\Scripts\Characters\Players\ directory.

How Disciplines Are Added

There few things that need to be considered when defining a discipline for a character in the character sheet. What "in-game" discipline will represent the definition, what definition is used, and is it common or not? Disciplines that are available in Wodal are located in the *VTMR*\Wodal\Scripts\Defines\ directory. There are currently 2 types of define files. Common disciplines don't use levels so the definer for PnP_Common.txt works different than the other definers since it doesn't do a level check. The other definers use levels so when you're defining a discipline in a character sheet using the {define} tag, you'll need to add the level parameter. So here's the define tag format:
{define: *in-game discipline*, *define file (without the .txt)*, *level if valid*}
There are currently 11 in-game disciplines available in Wodal. This simply means that each character is limited to a maximum of 11 disciplines. The Wodal system itself has no limit. The in-game disciplines are:
  • common
  • discipline1-10
The define file can be in a sub directory. When you look into the define directory, you'll notice that there is a thaumaturgy subfolder. In that subfolder there are more define files. If you wanted to add thaumaturgy, you can include the subfolder name then the define file. Now here is an example of adding several disciplines to a Tremere:
{define: common, PnP_Common} - Since the define file is common, it doesn't use a level param.
{define: discipline1, PnP_Auspex, 2} - Adds auspex to discipline 1 (caster + selector) at level 2.
{define: discipline2, PnP_Dominate, 2} - Note that dominate is not in Wodal 0.4a. It would need to be created.
{define: discipline3, thaumaturgy\PnP_PathOfBlood, 4} - Adds Thaumaturgy - Path of Blood at level 4 on discipline 3.
{define: discipline4, thaumaturgy\PnP_MovementOfTheMind, 2} - Adds Movement of the Mind at level 2 on discipline 4.
If the above text was inputted into a file named Jack.txt, the player would go in-game, create a character named Jack (matching the character sheet), create a game, and then use ST revive. After several seconds, the system will have adjusted the stats based on the character sheet and added the defined disciplines. What the player should see are 10 disciplines total (casters and selectors) from the above example. For information on what to do next, read on...

How Disciplines Are Used

Disciplines work different in Wodal to reflect the reliance on the character sheet. Instead of casting individual disciplines in the game normally, the player uses a selector "discipline" to navigate through the disciplines assigned to the character sheet then use a caster "discipline" to activate the discipline that was selected. A selector discipline is a discipline that is "cast on self". Using the discipline will scan the character sheet then scan the define file for the applicable powers within that will display in a pop-up text to the left of the screen giving a complete explaination of the power's usage. Each cast of the selector discipline will cycle down each available power defined in the define file. Once the player has selected the power they wish wish to use, they will use the matching caster discipline.

Affects of the Character Sheet System on Single Player

Though Wodal supports the single player campaign, it does not support the original form of progression due to the character sheet system. Instead, progression has been changed based on a fork system that adds skills, stats, and abilities based on discisions made in conversations and quests. The fork system was created by Offkorn after the mod's development and is an ideal modification to Wodal for those who want a more progressive feel in single player. The fork system and npc overhaul have been added to Wodal 0.4a Build 2 as of April 19, 2010.

Wodal adds several features in addition to fork progression. Enemy and party member AI's have been altered, the combat system makes for very different game play experience, and the pen and paper style disciplines add a whole new feel to the game.

Affects of the Character Sheet System on Multiplayer

The character sheets are only read "Server Side". This means that when you start your own game, any client (players) that enter your game must have their character sheets on YOUR computer. Otherwise, the players that enter your game will only have Global.txt stat settings.

Recommended Downloads

Tunngle P2P

This is a required download for multiplayer. If you would like instructions on how to use Tunngle for multiplayer, check out this video:

The following mods have been tested and should be stable with E-Mod, AoR, and Wodal.

White Rabbit Pack

This pack adds various NPC models to the list of playable multiplayer models.

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Creatures Pack

This pack adds various monster models to the list of playable multiplayer models. Includes playable horses, cats, vozhd, ect.

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These weapon packs contain items that can be spawned using the ST item spawn pane in multiplayer.

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Angelus Blade Pack

Created by Bent Spear. The texture brightness has been fixed. All blades will start with angelus_ in the ST item pane list.

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Star Wars Weapon Pack

Originally created by Kal Diablo; modified by Rainmoon (Javokis). All weapons were fixed from the original version and include improved inventory icons. All items have a _starwars designation on the ST item pane.

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Rainmoon's Sword Pack

Contains a small handfull of HD swords created by Rainmoon (Javokis). This was a work in progress years ago that never quite finished. All weapons have a _rain_sword_ designation in the ST item pane.

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