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Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption is available on the GOG (Good Old Games) as a $5.99 digital download.

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Then join the Nod to help build more content for the game or be a player and join us on tunngle to play LAN over the Internet.

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This mod contains a large collection of converted models from various games which include; And many more.

Giga Support Forum

If you are having any issues with the Giga pack, please check the forum at this link:

The Giga Core

Giga is now comprised of a core file containing only the basic materials that make up the mod. To utilize the mod's resources you will need at least one of the unlock modules below. The reason the mod is now configured this way is to add better organization to the mod to help identify conflict issues and address them in the core. This also allows us to quickly update individual modules without requiring you to download a big file again.

Installation Instructions

The core will be a zip file download of standard encryption that anyone using Microsoft XP or above should be able to open without the need of 3rd party programs. Contained within the zip file is the readme and a Giga_Core.nob file. To install the mod, simply copy the nob file then paste it into your main Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption game directory. You will then be able to use the unlock modules to unlock content from the core for use in the game.

The Giga Modules

Check back often for new modules that will unlock more of the Giga Core content in various ways.

Giga Bloodlines Civilians

This module consists of almost every model in Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines as a civilian that can be spawned using the ST tools in Multiplayer. These civilians are setup so they wont use a map's wander points so they will stay still even in Downtown NYC. Civilians do not attack and will run when a conflict begins. That makes this module useful for ST's wanting to spawn npcs intended for non-combat scenarios... or as victims. :D
Giga Bloodlines Players

This module contains all Bloodlines models currently in Giga as playable characters in the player creation menu. NOTE: None of these players have upgrades so pick a model and stick with it. :D

Giga Modern Props

This module unlocks many modern props for use in various MP games. St's can utilize the ST prop spawn to spawn the props and adjust their position afterwards. There's a wide selection of props available from electronics, furniture, and outdoor vehicles for both ground and air use. Around 150 props are added so check the readme for further details.