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  • 2017-10-23, 02:49:37
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 on: 2017-10-14, 12:22:46 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Javokis
Now I have some kick ass raider settlements from Nuka World dlc.

 on: 2017-09-28, 08:56:45 
Started by Gandorques Hikla - Last post by Gandorques Hikla
I applied to assist in testing their vampire backend Server and will inform you about the results. ;D

 on: 2017-09-28, 01:23:49 
Started by Gandorques Hikla - Last post by Javokis
Doesn't seem like they have reached VTMR yet. I'll lurk them on occasion till they at least do a vanilla NeuWon patch for VTMR.

 on: 2017-09-27, 16:12:15 
Started by Gandorques Hikla - Last post by Gandorques Hikla

I dont know if there is a big interest in this, but there is this nice WON Server Emulation Project called NeuWON currently in development.
It aims to bring WON Multiplayer back to all of the WON Games (unlike Projects like that focus just on HL based games).

I know Vampire Multiplayer can be played with VPN Tunneling software, but it would probably be more hassle free and easy to use with a WON(like) Multiplayer, as it gives features like public rooms, giving the community a central meeting point.

The NeuWON Vampire Server is not fully working yet, only logging in and joining the WON Lobby seems to be possible right now. Games cant be created yet.

The developer almost finished his WON Half-Life Client and Server, and said that he wants to continue his work on other WON games soon.

For me, this sounds like a good oppurtunity for someone with much knowledge about modding VtM-R to reach out to the NeuWON Devs to work together to create a Age of Redemption Version with integrated Online Multiplayer Support.  ::)

The project can be found at

 on: 2017-09-22, 10:17:06 
Started by behar - Last post by Signothorn
Does anyone knows how to fix that graphic problem? :)
I use nvidia as graphics card

This is likely an issue of being set at 16 bit resolution. Go back into resolutions and change to 32, if that's the issue.

 on: 2017-09-18, 22:04:00 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Javokis
So yeah. The site has been changed to WordPress. Gonna take some getting used to. I got the old data backed up just in case I start missing my xoops.

 on: 2017-09-18, 14:41:47 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Gandorques Hikla
IŽd be happy to have this as a option. :-D

 on: 2017-09-18, 13:20:05 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Javokis
Having voice extend to clients would somewhat be possible to a limited extent. The problem is that the voices heard by observers would have to overlap the existing system, creating potential audio bugs for the person currently in the conversation [might be minor depending on who's listening]. Not to mention that vocals cannot be interrupted when synched with players on MP so overlapping will occur if the person in conversation ever skips anything. Having the voice acting be heard and experienced by players would be great, but would come with some rules and limitations. I could still make the attempt as long as an option is added in the config app to turn it off.

Thanks for the support.

 on: 2017-09-18, 09:25:41 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Gandorques Hikla
Im following this mod for nearly 10 years now, and I finally registered here to say thank you for all the time and hard work you put into this mod, which I keep coming back to again and again. :-)

I hope I can introduce new players into the game soon.

Now my questions/requests regarding cutscenes, coming from someone who just has rudimentary technical knowledge about:
The way it currently works, only the Christof player is able to start and see most cutscenes, if a Christof Player is in the session.
If no Christof is present, everyone can start a cutscene by talking to the Christof NPC, but this does not work for all cutscenes and some dialogues will be missed this way.

All players not in cutscene mode, but standing nearby are able to read all the dialogue text, which is an okay solution so far,
as I suppose that "just" starting the cutscene for every player at the same time would be a buggy mess, especially when someone starts to skip dialogue.

But would it be possible have at least the dialogue voiceovers played for all players currently present in the map?
I noticed that a few cutscenes do that (usually those who consist of a camera pan around the scene and a single line from christof), so IŽd like to know if its possible to set every voiceover to play for everyone.
I looked into the files to see if I could mod this in myself, but my knowledge here is limited (my biggest archivement here was modding german subtitles into AoR).

A feature like this would really help the immersion of the game, especially for new players who dont know the story.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I did not find anything about it.

Anyway, keep up your amazing work, I really appreciate it.

best regards
Gandorques Hikla

 on: 2017-09-12, 09:28:16 
Started by behar - Last post by Javokis
Not really seen a problem like that unless I was modding the UI myself and forgot to decompress the tga's. You try alt+tabbing? Might also check your nVidia profile settings for VTMR and make sure you aren't forcing unsupported anti-aliasing.

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