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  • 2018-01-20, 16:39:06
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 on: 2018-01-01, 09:07:53 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Cadler
I like the shanty town look, Javokis. Very nice!

 on: 2017-11-30, 19:25:17 
Started by heymargarette - Last post by heymargarette
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 on: 2017-11-28, 18:26:15 
Started by heymargarette - Last post by heymargarette
An avid fan of games, gore is my favorite. I am done playing Resident Evil: Biohazard and is on search for new interesting behavior.

 on: 2017-11-03, 09:48:49 
Started by Wiegraf - Last post by Javokis
Try using the MP version of serena then set her Cast ID tag in NOT editor to Christof. Then change the template in nmf to the MP model.

 on: 2017-11-03, 05:42:47 
Started by Wiegraf - Last post by Wiegraf
Ok I dug a bit into the forums.

I then simply changed the PLAYER Tag in newaor.nmf (serena instead of christof)

As expected, that makes cutscenes a mess due to christof's absence.

I'll look at Templates editing and tutorials to try something else.

 on: 2017-11-02, 14:58:00 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Nexxy
I see :) ty mate :P

 on: 2017-11-02, 09:49:26 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Gandorques Hikla
Have your friend play as one of the Christophe Models, and pick someone else for you.
He should be able to see most of the cutscenes now.  ;)
Also let him host and let him go first into new areas if possible.

 on: 2017-11-02, 04:48:38 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Nexxy
ty mate.

Is it possible to see all the cutscenes in the multiplayer? A friend of mine doesn't know the game and he wouldn't see much of the story if cutscenes were missing.

For example, at the beginning of the tutorial there are 3 cutscenes missing.The first when he enters the mine. One when he looks down into the mine and one when he sees the first corpse on the ground.

But i guess you added every cutscene and transition manually into the game huh? This would be an foreverlasting task to add all scenes, and mb it would be annoying to ppl which know the story already. What r your thoughts here.

(btw sorry for my bad English, I'm not a native speaker :P)

 on: 2017-11-01, 18:15:20 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Javokis
I got this app compiled into build 7 and added your name to credits section of the readme.txt file. Thanks for the assist. ;)

 on: 2017-11-01, 17:16:40 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Nexxy
#EverythingIsAwesome :)
Looks good. Guess we (you) fixed it :D


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