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Author Topic: RuThaN  (Read 1837 times)


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« on: 2007-09-26, 11:34:55 »

I started play paper rpg 8 years old, some czech derivate mutation of AD&D, before this in our land rule commanches(communist) and from fantasy was know only J.R.R Tolkien and his book missed all members of my family, i readed them in 9. In 10 my best frend, with which, we play on computers, since few years(his father was scienties(astronom) so have computer), bring Dungeon Master, something about pen and papers games, and i dont want be with computer 5 hours by day, but more.. year after another members of my scholl class start play also games, especiely fps and dungeon(we didnt we term rpg), we start buy first games magines and have dream so we will programmersand will making games(2 of these members still are on this way and study..)  and start experiments. In 12, one my frend bring music from her brother- Sepultura,Slayer and i was done man.
   Later i started study philosofy and history,medival and classic music, magic, did swordmanship. Found my life philosofy, somewhere between satanism, piece of idealisms and buddhism. I played every good rpg computer game, so i played Vampire, on ends of 99, i before heard something about WoD but, it was as myth, same as AD&D i ?didn have money on books, in my country wasnt shop with these items, only translations of non playeble fantasy or maximaly Lone wolf and Livingstone gamebooks.  Back to->I played Vampire, it was realy good game,in some direction best, so i used my modem to download scans of WoD books from DC. I started read WoD books, after few years i start also play and translate book to czech, grammar was everytime problem(also i my born lang. - i everytime created long senteses, dont understand for another people:)), but vocabulary nothing and with help of computer dictionary, it was possible, i translated maybe 500 sites of text and did correction of far more. Meanwhile i trying experiments with own technology game, in Dos with Qbasic, Pascal,C.. after in Windows with C++ Builder, after i found power of Quake engin and tried experiments of him, later i start making mod for Hexen2. After time am found out so this source code is incompled(i edited core, add hotkey, trigger, rpg elements, but i too much wanted edit menus, i must now speak so i was young ;D), or minimaly i thought this, my programing skill in 3D graphics was small and dont had all tools from internet, internet on modem was expesive. I gave all of free money for pc hardware, some money i spent in inns with frends and womem(i returned sometime to home with few holes in my neck..). Sometimes in this time, i did decision so, programmer is only tool in hands of gamedesign, so i will designer, i objectively had bigger skill in writing(if i will found time on text correction:)) and visionary than in swot libraries, i had talent in mathematic, but for high mathematic was also need memoring theses and it was for me boring. After vain experiment with Hexen 2 i looked for new technology and found Vampire, i didnt know long time, so source codes are free, i few months experimented and after i trie developed new mod, with vampire vikings based on best paper rpg world..
    I make still few years with my friend pages about czech mods -, i forgot on my age 23.
    Im such Brujah Zealot in our world..
« Last Edit: 2007-09-30, 01:58:51 by RuThaN »
Brujah antitribu from pagan europian blackearth(now in Prag), but with roots in Scandinavia.
Im gamedesigner and writer, technology is only tool, important are visions and ideas, but its hard, inspire another demons with own visions, so i must lots of technology things make alone, and this is figh

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